BRIGHTS TRAINING SERVICES can provide Training on MEWPS in the workplace.

We can provide training on Scissor lift, Boom, articulated and vehicle mounted machines.

Refresher training is available for all machines. (recommended every 2 years)

We recommend all persons operating MEWPS also go through our Harness course.

Instructors are all IPAF Qualified.

Mewps Initial course. (2 Days) 3 machine types.  

MEWPS Initial course. (1Day) 2 machine types. 

MEWPS Initial course. (1Day) 1 machine types. 

Refresher Course. Per machine. 

Electric Overhead Cranes Training

Overhead crane training covers the following legislation:

This is most common type of overhead crane, found in most factories. As obvious from name, these cranes are electrically operated by a control pendant, radio/IR remote pendant or from an operator cabin attached with the crane itself. 

Overhead crane training is suitable for candidates of all levels. Novice operatives will take a full course. Semi-experienced delegates will take a reduced duration course dependent on their experience level. Refreshers are 1-day and are for previously certificated candidates.

Cranes Initial course (2 Days) 

Cranes Refresher (1 Day) 

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